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101 Best Haircuts and Hairstyles For Men (2020 Update)

101 Best Haircuts and Hairstyles For Men

Looking for a number of the first-class hairstyles for men in 2020? To assist you select the correct new appearance to suit your face form, hair kind and style, we’ve hand-picked one hundred of the most famous guys’s haircuts to make life less complicated for you.

It doesn’t matter in case you’re keen on fadehaircuts, quiffs, long hairstyles, undercuts, the pompadour, buzz cutsor Mohawk hairstyles – we have some thing for anybody. We actually have styles for the ones of you with thick, full locks and evidently pleasant or thin hair,in addition to expert styling guidelines and hints and product recommendations.

Fade Haircut with Beard
Credit: Rupert LaycockThis trending haircut is precisely what you want to strive in 2020. It capabilities a groovy textured top, a subtle fade haircut with a manly shaped beard.

Slick Pompadour
Credit: Rupert LaycockIf you’ve got thinner tresses, you can still work your hair up right into a cutting-edge pompadour fadeby the usage of a few volumising mouse and pomade, to virtually mildew your hair and preserve it in area.

The French Crop
Give the French crop a whirl if you have thin hair. Credit: indigitalimages.ComNeat, masculine and timeless, the French cropboasts several blessings and is incredible for those who want to maintain it quick, however relatively stylised.

Editor’s tip:To increase the texture for this appearance, choose a styling product that has a matt finish, such as the TONI&GUY; Men’s Moulding Clay.

Short Razored Cut
This quick razored cut will give your hair an edgy look.Razor cutting is a technique that involves slicing and texturising the hair with the usage of knife-like razors. For men with skinny or quality hair, strive retaining the pinnacle fairly short with shorter lower back and facets.

Editor’s tip:To work this ‘do like a pro, attain for the VO5 Lifting Paste to help create texture and the phantasm of thicker-looking locks.

Semi-long and Slicked Back
Try rocking semi-lengthy hair and slicked again Credit: indigitalimages.ComFor a more dapper appearance with some retro vibes, maintain the pinnacle about medium duration and the sides simplest a tad shorter.

Style tip:Go for a conventional wet-look using pomadeor maintain it in place with a few hairspray, it’s all up to you!

Minimalist Quiff
A minimalist quiff might be simply what you want! Credit: IndigitalFirst of all, a quiff can work for men of all ages, and at the same time as being ideal for making a statement, it doesn’t ought to be a massive one. How extreme you cross is entirely up to how massive your character is.

Textured Top
It’s all approximately texture with this appearance. Credit: Instagram.Com/barberinspirationsIf you’ve got thin hair, deciding on a textured cut with plenty of angles and definition creates lots of interest and can deliver the illusion of thicker tresses. Credit: @barberinspirations

Skin Fade
Give a skin face a whirl to detract from skinny hair. Credit: Instagram.Com/barber_moscowfrantThe contrast between the dramatic pores and skin fadeand the swept-over length on top without a doubt enables to detract from skinny hair. Credit: @barber_moscowfrant

Classic Short Hair
Short hair can make your hair look thicker overall. Credit: Instagram.Com/fellowbarberThis conventional and fashionable short hairdo is perfect for fellas who just like the greater preppy look. This is a exceptional one, if you want to maintain you coiffure on the smarter side. Credit: @fellowbarber

Short Sides and Combover
Keep the pinnacle of your hair long and swept back. Credit: Instagram.Com/alexanderludwigKeep the edges of your hair well buzzed, and rock a longer period on top. Sweep the longer section back, for an extremely suave appearance, a good way to make your hair appearance full and thick. Credit: @alexanderludwig

Striking and Messy
Go for a conventional quick hair cut to make your tresses look thicker. Credit: Instagram.Com/kcfeeThe fine element about this fashion is that you could pretty tons awaken and pass, although if you reach for a wax or clay, we will nearly assure this style will appearance even extra cool. Credit: @kcfee

Short Fade and Side Sweep
Keep things brief and sweep your locks over to one side. Credit: Instagram.Com/barbertownworcGive your appearance lots of area with this striking fashion, with a view to have people thinking about your stylish ‘do, instead of thin hair! Credit: @barbertownworc

Spiky Hair
Spike up your hair to give your appearance definition. Credit: Instagram.Com/andrewdoeshairGive your hair the extent it deserves with this spiky appearance. Your angular, nearly fake hawklook, will deliver your locks peak and definition in all the proper places. Credit: @andrewdoeshair

Mini Pompadour
Why no longer strive out a mini quiff! Credit: Instagram.Com/yyusufozdemirr2When you’ve were given thin hair, you may think that you’re not able to drag of a number of the edgier styles, along with the pompadour, however we’re here to tell you – you canget on board!

While you may not have the extent or top, you could nonetheless create a mini quiff, a good way to provide height and texture for your hair. . Credit: @yyusufozdemirr2

Brushed up Spikes
Give your look a uneven edge with this fashion. Credit: Instagram.Com/morrismotleyAs we’ve stated before, spiky hair is your pal and brushed-up spikes are even better, as they add tonnes of quantity on your look Credit: @morrismotley

The Receding Hairline Haircut
Smooth your hair back and embrace thinner hair. Credit: Instagram.Com/jimmisimpsonThis style is all about making the most out of your striking widow’s peak by means of growing contrast thru your lengths. Either increase the extent in the pinnacle or preserve it smooth. It’s classic, sleek and an smooth way to make peace with thinning hair. Credit: @jimmisimpson

Ivy League Haircut
Give it some texture. Credit: Instagram.Com/thebarbershopat56The Ivy League haircutis one of the maximum conventional guys’s hairstyles for skinny hair andit couldn’t be easier to style. Credit: @thebarbershopat56

Editor’s tip:To shape this neat reduce, reach for VO5 Styling Wax to help deliver your hair the keep and control it needs.

The Buzz Cut
The buzz reduce is a completely on-fashion fashion to head for. Credit: Instagram.Com/hjmenChoosing to rock a fashion like a buzz cutis a amazing way for gents to attend to their thinning hair problem. And as an delivered bonus, you’ll be gaining an on-trend look, too. Credit: @hjmen

The Messy haircut
Rock a messy top to make fine hair look thicker. Credit: Instagram.Com/charliejamesmodelThe messy texture on pinnacle will deliver the advent of a fuller fashion, at the same time as maintaining the lower back and facets short will conceal the genuine fineness of your hair! Credit: @charliejamesmodel

The High and Tight
Trick everybody into wondering you've got fuller strands with this high and tight reduce. Credit: Instagram.Com/kevinluchmunThe classic excessive and tightlook is right for those with thinning hair because of the perimeters being carefully shaved, giving enough hair on top to play with and the illusion of more hair at the head. Credit: @kevinluchmun

The Male Pixie Cut
A quick crop enables hide thinning patches. Credit: Instagram.Com/jesskarasWhen it involves styling your brief crop, opt for a wax-based productto inject plenty of texture and extent. Credit: @jesskaras

Faded Quiff
Create the phantasm of thicker hair with the peak. Credit: Instagram.Com/menpeluquerosQuiffs works in a similar way to the messy-on-pinnacle haircut via tricking the attention into wondering that your hair is thicker than it definitely is. Credit: @menpeluqueros

Editor’s tip:This fashionable cut is timeless, flattering for each face type, and best for finer hair.

A pinnacle tip is to avoid hair gels while styling as they will clump your hair together and spotlight your thin hair. Instead, awareness on hair merchandise with matt finishes, just like the TONI&GUY; Men’s Moulding Clay.

Side Comb Fade
Try a deep side parting, comb-over. Credit: Instagram.Com/layriteofficialBy preserving your hair longer on top, you can create a aspect comb fade, sweeping your hair over to one facet to hide any thinning patches. Credit: @layriteofficial

Fade Haircut
Try rocking a beard teamed with a fade for thicker searching hair. Credit: Instagram.Com/hayden_cassidyTeam a complete beard with a sharp-looking faded haircut for an on-fashion look. Credit: @hayden_cassidy

Editor’s tip:Keep your beard looking extra clean with TONI&GUY; Nourishing Premium Beard Oil . This easy and nourishing combination of clearly derived oils soothes and tames, penetrating the hair shaft, beard hairs are softened and the skin underneath is hydrated and soothed.

Textured Cut
Follow in the footsteps of Justin Theroux with a uneven reduce. Credit: Rex by means of ShutterstockThis messy, Hollywood-approved fashion is one of our favorite hairstyles for guys as it’s were given duration and dimension, in addition to being ultra-flattering.

The Messy Quiff
Credit: Rupert LaycockThis ‘do is all approximately drawing interest to the shape of your hairstyle, in preference to your thin hair. Just hold lots of texture to your quiffto create the illusion of thicker tresses and no one could be any the wiser.

Editor’s tip:We recommend the use of a hair mousse and a hairdryer to create extent. Then, if necessary, apply some TONI&GUY; Mens Mattifying Putty for extra manage and lift.

Short Comb Over Haircut
Go for a quick comb over like Nicolas Ghesquiere. Credit: Rex by using ShutterstockThe classic comb overis one of the easiest styles to rock and has almost zero styling time required. With slightly shorter aspects, sweep the longest a part of your hair over to one aspect. And that’s it!

Longer Ivy League Haircut
Christian Slater rocks Ivy League-worthy hair. Credit: Rex by means of ShutterstockHave you taken into consideration the cutting-edge Ivy League-inspired fashion? This suave style is one to keep in your radar if you want a more traditional look.

Slicked Back Undercut
Brush back your hair for thicker searching locks. Credit: Instagram.Com/giovanni_savillsbarbersMuch like rocking a beard, a smartly trimmed goatee and moustache will bring the point of interest for your face and complement a slicked-lower back coiffure perfectly. Credit: @giovanni_savillsbarbers

Hard Part Haircut
Try shaving your head but preserving the pinnacle longer. Credit: Instagram.Com/pinupsbarbershopThe hard part haircut entails a shaved line creating a greater exaggerated parting and is splendid for distracting from any places you may be balding. Credit: @pinupbarbershop

360 Waves
360 waves create a groovy rippled effect. Credit: Verity Jane SmithAny barber will inform you that the excellent manner to boost the appearance of finer hair is through including texture. 360 wavesare a popular manner of styling black hair as the close cut and funky ripped impact make thinning less noticeable.

Asian Man Bun
Smooth and groomed. Credit: Instagram.Com/asianmanbunAsian guys are recognised for having commonly straight hair, which may be an issue if you’ve additionally were given thinning to contend with. Fine hair can appearance even thinner whilst it’s superb directly, so a tied lower back style like the Asian man buncan help make your hair appearance fuller. Credit: @asianmanbun

Bald Fade
Doesn’t this reduce appearance sparkling? Credit: Instagram.Com/shortjackandsidesA more severe version of the conventional fade, the distinction among a ordinary fade and a bald fade(or skin fade as it’s also called) is that the hair is cut all the way down to skin level, growing a more dramatic contrast. Credit: @shortjackandsides

Bald Taper Fade
Even the shortest styles could make a statement, as this razor-sharp style shows! Credit: Instagram.Com/supremekutzbarbershop1Having brief hairdoesn’t mean you may’t still look sharp. Contrast a graduated bald taper fadewith angular lines by means of getting your barber to attention in your edges to create a fresh hairline. Credit: @supremekutzbarbershop1

Caesar Haircut
The classic Caesar haircut. Credit: indigitalimages.ComStyles like the Caesar haircutare the definition of low-key. The modern-day manner to put on it is with a short back and facets all the way around, the use of the longer top layers to create a textured fringeeffect.

Curtains Hairstyle
The curtains can work for gents with wavier textures. Credit: Rex via ShutterstockThe ’90s are a massive fashion right now, which means that yep, you guessed it, the curtains hairstyleis lower back! With the hair parted down the middle and styled right into a wavy curtain appearance, it’s a clever way of concealing a receding hairline via overlaying up the ones areas of hair loss.

Footballer Hairstyles
A hanging haircut for the footballer. Credit: Rex by using ShutterstockLost on wherein to search for inspiration? There are masses of footballer hairstylesthat you may take fashion pointers from, simply observe the Harry Kane haircut.

Best Hairstyle for Men Over 40
Enhance your hair’s extent with a root-boosting aspect element. Credit: Rex via ShutterstockWe get that a man in his forties might not want a first rate trendy cut like a man in his twenties however that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style. If you’re looking at hairstyles for men over 40, Josh Duhamel’s side-swept haircut is younger and fresh and still looks actually stylish.

Best Hairstyle for Men Over 50
The modern short combover is a famous hairstyle choice. Credit: Rex with the aid of ShutterstockFor thoughts for hairstyles for men over 50, look no further. Combining a neat comb over with short facial hair, George Clooney is the closing silver fox with this superb groomed fashion. He’s also a remarkable instance of embracing going grey in style!

High Top Fade
Credit: indigitalimages.ComThe excessive top fadeis a not unusual pass-to style for black men. It originally rose to fame within the ’80s and ’90s (think Will Smith in The Fresh Prince) but it can be made more wearable via maintaining it shorter and less boxy.

Hipster Haircut
Modern fringes have grow to be a hipster haircut staple. Credit: indigitalimages.ComFor the fashion-targeted gent searching out greater experimental men’s hairstyles, remember a hipster haircut. Comprising of an undercut at the again and facets with fuller hair on pinnacle, it allows you to mess around with numerous textures and finishes.

Man Bun
Give your man bun character with an undercut finish. Credit: Verity Jane SmithOver the beyond few years, few hairstyles have garnered as an awful lot reputation as the man bun. If your hair is long enough and you’re tempted to present it a try, follow our instructional below.

Man Bun and Beard
A half-up will allow you to display off your sideburns.If you’ve were given long hair, you’ll be pleased to recognise that the person bun and beardcombo is a first rate alternative.

Man Bun Fade
Fade + guy bun = #Swag. Credit: Instagram.Com/hairmanstylesAnother choice is the person bun fade, which combines the convenience of a near shave with the styled up top knot. Credit: @hairmanstyles

Man Perm
The ‘permed hair’ fashion for guys. Credit: indigitalimages.Com Curly hairstyles for menare turning into increasingly famous and with that comes the (as an alternative unexpected) return of the man perm! Depending on how described or unfastened you want your curls to be, you’ll be capable of tailor the tightness of your curls for the maximum natural-searching result.

Mohawk Hairstyle
This is the right option for afro and curly hair types. Credit: Instagram.Com/dreasvisionForget what you suspect you know about the mohawk hairstyle. Mohawks might traditionally be associated with bold punk patterns, however retaining it quick could make it a definitely flattering and wearable style, especially for afro hair. Credit: @dreasvision

Pompadour Fade
Wavy hair? Textured strands add shape up pinnacle. Credit: Instagram.Com/bs.GenesisYou can usually go unfashionable with a pompadour fadeto masks thinning hair on the sides and amp up the extent up top. Credit: @bs.Genesis

The Professional Men’s Hairstyle
Ryan Reynolds knows a way to wear his taper cut in authentic style. Credit: Rex by way of ShutterstockTired of feeling scruffy at work but experience like your thin hair is limiting your grooming potential? Make an amazing impression at work or for an interview with this Ryan Reynolds approved coiffure.

Shadow Taper
Team your shadow taper with a wavy finish. Credit: Instagram.Com/q.Thebarber.7A shadow taper, which features a greater sluggish transition from lengthy to quick, developing a shadowed impact is good for guys with skinny hair.

Shadow fades can be long, mid-duration or quick so can be labored into nearly any men’s hairstyles for skinny hair. Credit: @q.Thebarber.7

Short Sides and Long Top
There are short aspects and long top hairstyles to healthy every face shape. Credit: indigitalimages.ComStyling short facets and lengthy topcut is so smooth you won’t even want a mirror, simply ruffle via together with your hands and you’re done.

Short Undercut
Stand out by using teaming your undercut with a amusing hue. Credit: Instagram.Com/bluetitlondonDitch the traditional patterns and allow your character shine through with a brief undercutlike this contemporary take at the bowl cut. As a bonus, it’ll additionally assist boost ultra great locks and upload extra shape in your look. Credit: @bluetitlondon

Slick Hair
Credit: Rupert LaycockFor the man who continually wants to look his best, nail the suave appearance with slick hair. Some wet-appearance gel and a excellent-toothed comb are all you need to recreate this timeless fashion.

Side Swept Undercut
Want to actually stand out? Go down the color route. Credit: Instagram.Com/nia.ScarYou can even pair the look with a facet swept undercutand pop of colour for a extra unique ‘do. Credit: @nia.Scar

South of France Haircut
The South of France haircut AKA the gentleman’s mohawk. Credit: Instagram.Com/ericlloyd26Similar to a mohawk or ‘frohawk, the South of France haircutwas initially made famous through Usher. Anyone who has taken into consideration a mohawk but been too scared ought to provide this more toned-down variation a cross. Credit: @ericlloyd26

Surfer Hair
You don’t want a beach to rock a surfer hairstyle. Credit: Rex by way of ShutterstockTimoth√©e Chalamet’s surfer hairfeels like it’s nearly made for summer season with its beachy texture and piecey waves.

Editor’s tip:Who desires the seaside? All you want is a texture-boosting sea salt spray just like the TONI&GUY; Messy Salt Spray to give your locks that salty, windswept look.

Taper Comb Over Haircut
Create a smooth transition with a taper comb over. Credit: Instagram.Com/worldstarofbarbersTry a clean taper comb over haircutwith carefully defined clipper work. Credit: @worldstarofbarbers

Top Knot for Men
There’s not anything with incorrect with bedhead hair! Credit: Instagram.Com/sergiogonzalezfdzPlay up your lengths, no matter how thin your hair, with a laid-lower back top knot for menand you’ll usually appearance good. Credit: @sergiogonzalezfdz

The Peaky BlindersHairstyle
This brief undercut has seen a resurgence thanks to hit TV show Peaky Blinders. Credit: Instagram.Com/salonexteIf Thomas Shelby is your hair inspiration, this intense undercut could be right up your street. Credit: @salonexte

Undercut Fade
Combine an undercut with a graduated fade. Credit: indigitalimages.ComThis undercut fadehas a easy yet cool edgy fashion to it and pairs well with a traditional crew cut.

Undercut on Long Hair
Balance out floppy locks with an edgy undercut detail. Credit: Instagram.Com/jheustonInto the floppy Zayn Malik-esque hair look? Flip your hair over to one side and style with an undercut for lengthy hair, to make it look more voluminous. Credit: @jheuston

50 Shades of Grey
We’re loving the gray smooth quiff. Credit: Instagram.Com/james_s_welsh Grey strandshave dominated men’s hairstyles in the last few years, with an increasing number of of Hollywood’s leading men taking the colour plunge. So, in case you’re after a new colour, strive opting for a placing (but handsomely subtle!) grey hue. Credit: @james_s_welsh

The Textured Top
Go for a textured top for effects cool fashion. Credit: Instagram.Com/chezrustAll you want is to take a notice of this dapper gent’s textured top coiffure, with it’s brief sidesand an extended topthat will add in plenty of natural-searching texture! Credit: @chezrust

Editor’s tip:If you've got thinneror straighter hair, but nevertheless covet a flat top, invest in some top styling merchandise that’ll preserve and maintain the height. We propose the VO5 Lifting Paste to build the peak of your hair, and end with the VO5 Invisible Ultimate Hold Hairspray to set it in vicinity!

Extreme Hair Fade
Men’s hair fade: Extreme hair fade. Credit: Instagram.Com/alexsudatiWhile many men may dream of thick hair, it may, in fact, be overwhelming. Take a number of the weight out of your hair by shaving the sides. Credit: @alexsudati

High Fade Haircut
Men’s hair fade: High fade haircut. Credit: Instagram.Com/romario_designerThis excessive fade haircut is best for all and sundry who is looking for a fashion as a way to help them stand out from the crowd. The modern, slicked-lower back finish to this ‘do makes it a hot-to-trot fashion for the 12 months ahead, and is actually exceptional clean to maintain! Credit: @romario_designer

Shadow Hair Fade
Men’s hair fade: Shadow hair fade. Credit: Instagram.Com/kaisbarbershopThis hairstyle is a step faraway from the ones we’ve previously visible that rely on long or thick hair for comparison, and can be rocked by anyone of any hair type! Credit: @kaisbarbershop

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